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Welcome to La Tina Latina SOAPS!

​This is an exceptional handcrafted´ soaps company with unique designs for all tastes. The selection of natural ingredients is beneficial for the health of the skin, and the ecological additives are favorable to the environment.

My name is Kirenia Legón, bachelor degree in Spanish and Literature, graduated from a faraway University in Havana, Cuba. Now I live in Miami Beach, where I also run my young company.​

Since it opened its doors in 2017, they have been made with a special art, around seventy unique designs and up to twenty exclusive gift packs, including the collaboration of the company Pulseras de Cristal, which complements the set with its enchanting crystal bracelets.

In these years, La Tina Latina SOAPS has successfully participated in Markets such as Bayside Marketplace, Lincoln Road Mall, Miami Beach Farmet Market and Grassroots Festival. It has an online store here and has a physical point of sale in the Boost E & V Juice Bar store.

Unleashing creativity is our mark of distinction and an insurance to a pleasant surprise, so most of the designs are made under the signature of the house®, even some molds are made by hand® by ourselves.

​We made the wish that our soaps can be enjoyed by special people around the world and to which they are dedicated, in pursuit of an unforgettable experience of relaxation that we can give to ourselves or to our loved ones. As well as giving them all at once with a souvenir detail for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, lovers, mothers, fathers, dates, dinners, weddings, baptisms and a wide range of events for companies and individuals who like a style of natural life.

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